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Hello all! :aww: This has been the busiest summer of my LIFE! I've been planning on writing this journal entry for a while, but when I get thinking about dA I start fretting over the pictures I'm gonna post. Meanwhile my account stays silent. I just thought I'd share some interesting things that have happened this summer.

I started driver's ed, at the ancient age of 18. It was fun to take it with one of my best friends. I already knew the basics of driving from zooming my grandparents' golf carts around since I was like 7, but it was the traffic and city stuff that was confusing. There are a lot of aggressive drivers where I live. And I don't know about you, but where I live everyone drives at least 5 over the limit at all times. Often 10 or 15 miles over. To feel like one with the herd, you have to speed. Mostly I don't and people pass me and this makes me feel like an elderly driver. Hinga-jinga-dergin. 

So anyway, funny story here, you know I like birds. Especially parrots. You might also know that I have a very soft spot for cockatoos. Alright so I was on my first drive, with the instructor guy, and he had just taught me threshold braking. I had to practice a few times because I wanted our abrupt stop to be smooth. I don't like slamming hard on the brakes. We were in a parking lot in front of Albertson's, and I was turning to drive in front of the store. My instructor says, "Oh look a bird" and there's this guy carrying an umbrella cockatoo. I thought it was awesome of course but managed to stay on task. The guy walks right by our car, and when he's almost to my side his cockatoo flies RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAR'S TIRES. I slammed that brake so hard it would have smashed had it been a watermelon. The scary thing was, we couldn't see the bird when he got in front of us. The guy, horrified, grabbed his bird and apologized over and over. I was just so relieved we didn't hit him. Had I hit the bird, I would never forgive myself. I would never get over it. That's why this is so funny: I almost hit one of my most favorite animals on my first drive. But I didn't (thank glob). What would you do if you almost hit your favorite animal? Oh and hey, bird owners, even if your bird is clipped I urge you to get a harness and leash so that it can't endanger itself outside like this bird did. 

I decided to take a summer Marine Biology course at my school when I found out there was a trip to the Seattle Aquarium at the end. I don't need the credits but marine biology is interesting and I just love sea creatures. I want to get a saltwater tank at some point. The biology teacher has at least 4 tanks set up right now, including a healthy saltwater tank with a soon-to-be breeding pair of tomato clownfish, sea stars, an urchin or two, snails, and a badass snowflake eel named Wicked. We also have an African cichlid named Blue, and we are going to have breeding seahorses in another tank and a "touch tank" where students can come in and handle some critters such as sea stars and crabs. I believe my teacher is also planning to have a tank to raise brine shrimp in and another will house some trout we will be raising to release at the end of next year. That tank will be big. 
So in this class we dissected dogfish. You know, those little brown sharks. They feel a lot like those blue and white gummy sharks. Ironic, huh? My partner's and my shark was female and pretty cute. She wasn't mature enough to have eggs though. What she did have, was a hard lump in her stomach. This progeny of sorts turned out to be a half digested fish, and once it was rinsed off, it looked pretty cool with its skeletal tail. Don't worry, I'll post a picture of that. :la:

Anyways, I am going on the Seattle Aquarium trip very soon and I am so excited. Today I was shopping with my dad and he bought a new Canon camera, which I thought was for him, and he gave it to me and said "happy aquarium trip." I was stunned. Oh I guess I haven't told you what happened to my former camera. It still works, but when I was filming a cockatoo he pulled up part of the inner lens cover and we had to disassemble the entire lens cover. Evidently it is a lot harder to put back together. So I have been walking around with my camera in a plastic bag because the whole lens is exposed at all times. Now I get to work with a new 16.0 megapixels 16X zoom Canon PowerShot! YAY! 

I really want to apologize for being so inactive here. I tend to set my photo sorting and editing higher than my reading comments and looking at deviations from people I watch. It makes me feel like a ghost around here. I promise as soon as the bulk of these photos are up here, I'll be around much more often. Thanks for all the support, I can't wait to show you a bunch of cool stuff. 


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Hi, I'm Kristy.

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